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Go for the X!

Written by cmshoot   
Break-in and cleaning guide.

Always clear the weapon and make sure it is unloaded.

Before shooting your new rifle, ALWAYS clean the bore. There may be debris in the bore from shipping.


  • Shoot three shots and clean twice
  • Shoot 6 shots and clean once
  • Shoot 12 shots and clean
  • For the first 100 shots, clean every 25-30 rounds
  • After the first 100 rounds, clean when accuracy starts to degrade.

Always use a good copper solvent such as Montana Xtreme 50BMG™, Spooge™, Shooters Choice™, or Sweets 7.62™.
Always run three wet patches one way through, discarding each patch. This will rid your bore of carbon that can be dangerous if “scrubbed” into the bore.

Run a wet brush 10 strokes and let sit. This allows the copper solvent to work.
Dry patch and inspect. If copper can still be seen, run a wet patch followed by the wet brush again.

When you see very little or no copper, dry patch. Then run 5 alcohol patches to clear the solvent out.
DO NOT use Hoppes to do this with. IT DOES NOT WORK! You will have copper solvent mixed with Hoppes in your bore. This will cause fouling!

After the alcohol patches, run a dry patch and be sure to clean your chamber of any solvents.