Written by Flea   
If you have a chest type freezer, it's best to stick the stock in over night. I take a small thin putty knife or chisel, and using a rubber hammer, I line the blade up between the stock and the plastic spacer. Then I tap the knife with the rubber hammer. I work in small amounts, keeping it straight, and it will pop right off.

By freezing it, the epoxy becomes hard and will break away clean.

After you get the butt plate off, you want to get some #7 1/2 lead shot. Pour the shot in the hole in the stock. Until it's level. Then pure the shot into a old plastic cup. I use the bottom of a 2 liter pepsi bottle. I cut the bottom out.

I get some two part epoxy, from the hardware store, the kind that works on plastics. It will have two tubes, like a syringe. I put the epoxy in the lead shot "but leave just a little for the butt plate."

I take a popsicle stick and mix the lead and epoxy. It will set up in five minutes so work fast and get it in the stock. Pack it down into the stock and make sure it's level with the top. At that point take the epoxy left over and put it on the butt plate. Hold the butt plate in place for about five minutes.

I take a piece of twine and tie it around the butt plate and trigger guard holes. Leave it for about 20 minutes and it's good to go.

Place the barreled action back into the stock and torque it down to 65 inch pounds and your good to go.