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The Basics
Written by cmshoot   
A note on handlapping - a "standard" factory barrel (like that in the PSS and most standard, factory production line manufactured rifles) can sometimes benefit from handlapping.

DO NOT handlap a "custom" barrel (Lothar Walther, Spenser, Schneider, Hart, Lilja, Krieger, Douglas, etc). They were professionally handlapped by a guy who does nothing but lapping for a living, before they left the factory. You'll only screw it up.

When handlapping a PSS, I use:

  • JB Bore Compound
  • Coated rod (Dewey, Bore Tech, etc)
  • VFG Bore Pellets. I get 'em from Brownell's, they are felt pellets that screw onto a special threaded jag. If you're not going to use these, use good quality patches and an undersized bore brush. For instance, in a .30 caliber rifle I will use a .284/7mm bore brush. You are going to use the bore brush as a jag to work the patch with, so you want a good, tight fit but not so tight that you can't work it.
  • Bore guide

  1. Start out by giving your barrel a good cleaning to insure that it's clear of fouling and other deposits.
  2. Apply JB to the pellet/patch and insert into the barrel, from the chamber end, while using a good bore guide.
  3. You're going to use back and forth strokes. I prefer to use short, overlapping strokes starting at the throat and working towards the muzzle. When I reach the muzzle, I give it 2-3 long strokes the full length of the bore. I will usually use no more than 20 of the short, overlapping strokes, followed by the 2 long strokes.
  4. Clean the compound and fouling out of the bore using a good bore cleaner. Once it's good and clean, run 3 patches with 97% isopropyl alcohol or denatured alcohol through the bore, followed by one dry patch. Viola.