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Product Reviews
Product Reviews

If you have a product you would like reviewed, please send it to our offices at the below listed address for testing and evaluation. 

  • In most instances products are not returned unless prior arrangements are made.  

  • If the product does not meet our standards and would receive a negative review, we will return the product along with our comments and suggestions, but not print the review.  

  • If however, we purchase the product for our own use and it does not meet our standards, then we will write and post a complete review sharing our comments and suggestions with our readers. 

  • Please allow 4-6 weeks for thorough testing.  Depending on the product and our schedules some items can and are tested with in 1-2 weeks and the review posted soon thereafter while others may require a few months for a complete field evaluation. 

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Article Title Author
Nikon Fieldscope ED III-A spotting scope, 20-60x60mm, Angled body model cmshoot
Molycoating Bullets - Alternative Methods to the NECO Process Russell E. Taylor
Taking Stock in America Russell E. Taylor
UCD - Unique Camouflage Designs MK IV Ghillie Suit Thomas Blahnik
Talbot QD Mounts Thomas Blahnik
Starlight Rifle Cases Thomas Blahnik
Super Sniper - Rebirth Of The Original Mike Miller
SWFA Super Sniper - A bargain basement optic that can hold its own against a top shelf scope. SP Staff
New Super Sniper from SWFA SP Staff
Super Sniper Technical Information from SWFA Chris from SWFA
Quick Cuff Sling Innovations for Today's Shooters SP Staff
Makarov ... Magic? Jacob Gottfredson
The Bushnell HOLOsight Russell E. Taylor
Heckler & Koch SL8 Sporting Rifle Blake Bowen
The complete .50 Caliber Sniper Course - Hard Target Interdiction Jacob Bynum
The Ghillieskins Tactical Ghillie Hood Jeffrey Chang
Gun Cases for Durable Transport - What they don't tell you about building custom rifles. Russell E. Taylor
Ballisticard Systems Jacob Bynum
ADVANCED ULTIMATE SNIPER by John L. Plaster, MAJ, SF, USAR (Ret.) Russell E. Taylor
Hicks' Designs Answer for Tactical Rifle Market APHD LRP1 Thomas Blahnik
Angle Cosine Indicator Jacob Bynum
Nikon 4 –16x Tactical Scope (Mil Dot Reticle) Dave Bahde
IOR 4-14 Tactical Dave Bahde
Cobb Manufacturing FA50(t) John Schulze
Cobb .50 cal - New Improvements on an Old Design Rob Sheppard
S.O. TECH - Sniper Pack, Drag Bag Shooting Mat System SP Staff
U.S. Optics S.P.R.O. Dave Bahade
JET Suppressors Dave Bahde