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Thomas Blahnik
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     Braxton Wilson from Starlight recently contacted me about conducting some tests on their rifle cases.   After a short initial discussion he sent some test products and things got underway.  One of the first things I discovered after receiving the case was that I had used these products before.






     Looking at the way the Starlight rifle case was designed and engineered; I quickly realized that I had seen this all before.  You may think that all cases look alike or that all cases are the same.  Well, you are partly right.  Think of it as Coke versus Pepsi.  They are basically the same but they are still different.  Same thing here, lots of people make rifle cases, but not everyone makes them like Starlight.  I remembered I had seen this same design day after day in the military.  Starlight was/is the same company that made many of our sensitive item cases.  I had to contact Mr. Wilson again to verify my discovery.

     My findings were confirmed, the cases were the same type I have used for so many years.  For everyone that uses PVS-7's, the old PVS-4's, the TVS-5's, field computers, medical kits, etc. you will know the cases I am talking about.  How many times have you thrown that case around or dropped it on concrete out the back of a 5-ton truck?  Out of all the massive abuse you have give those cases, filled with multi-thousand dollar night vision inside, how many have broken or worse yet broken the contents?  My bet is none or next to it.  Don't get me wrong, these cases aren't indestructible, but I have seen them survive things that should have crushed them and I have seen them survive things that have killed people!  Out at the famous NTC (National Training Center), I saw a tank get turned upside down in a hole and crush the TC. His PVS-7's were found still in the case and buried in the sand right beside him. The impact had pushed the case into the sand but didn't break it.  It's sad to remember a training accident like that, but it illustrates the ruggedness of the Starlight products. 

     Now the common misconception about the military is that everything they purchase is from the lowest bidder therefore it is made cheaply.  Again, you are partially correct. The exception here is most products have to meet mil-spec standards before they can compete on price.  I am not sure what other companies submitted cases for review, but they couldn't have been better.  Our military cases took more beatings than they should have and came out on top every time.  The case sent to me for review was no different.  The thing is rock solid, water and air tight, and ready to protect your multi-thousand dollar rifle. 

     Anyone that travels with weapons would be well advised to consider these Starlight cases.  These cases weigh considerably less than similar cases and they are more rugged than the competition.  No matter how hard the baggage handlers at the airport try, they wouldn't be able to destroy this case (well, never say never).   This means that your rifle and optics would be nice and safe inside as long as you properly package everything before handing it over.  A case this good is a great deal for under $200! 


What, this case only costs $200?  Yet the competitor's cases cost $260 or more for similar protection levels (but they still aren't as good)?!












Sure you can get your Wally World cases for $20 - $100, but I'm not letting you tote my rifles around in one.  It goes back to something I learned many years ago when I started riding rice-burning sport bikes.  Spend on a helmet what ever you think your head is worth.  In other words, if you think your head is worth $100 buy a $100 helmet.  If you think your head deserves the maximum protection, then buy the maximum protection.  Same thing applies here.  If you think your rifle is only worth a little protection, then buy another cases, if you want maximum protection, then buy Starlight! 

   Something else to note is the other manufacturers that use Starlight products.  Companies like Barrett Firearms, Accuracy International, and EDM Arms package their expensive rifles in Starlight cases.  What did your rifle come packed in?  Did it come packed in a cardboard box or maybe a Wally world special?   Seeing these $5000+ rifles carefully packed into Starlight cases by their makers should be a testimony in itself.  These companies could use any rifle case, but they chose Starlight for a reason, and that reason is protection.

     I don't make these claims lightly or after limited testing on this one rifle case.  I make this claim based on experience with the products from the last 10 years.  I base this on testing the Starlight products in some of the most inhospitable places in the world and under the worst conditions imaginable.  There is a little joke with a half-truth buried inside and applies here.  We always tell each other that “ a grunts favorite tool is chem.-light, because he has to break it to use it.”  This is pretty true.  They tell us that “if it can't be broken, then give it to the grunts and they'll figure out how.  If the grunts can't break it then we should buy it.”  I haven't managed to break one of these Starlight cases yet, so guess what?  I'm buying it. 


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