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This is Not Your Father's Sling;

Quick Cuff Sling Innovations for Today's Shooters

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Training time and resources are often in short supply. These shortages create a hole in the proficiency of most shooters skills. When we don't have all the time in the world or we aren't comfortable with something, we often fall into practicing the things we are already proficient at. We like to go out and feel good about our shooting so we find ourselves practice from support positions. One reason that sling shooting is neglected and rarely practiced is because the old leather slings cut into our arms and restrict the blood flow making them very uncomfortable or even painful. Now there is an innovative solution to that problem.

Mike Miller, the principal behind Tactical Interventions, has developed a new sling that is quick and painless to get into and out of. Mike has been a police officer for close to 20 years with 10 of those serving on tactical teams. Mike Miller is also a High Power shooter and has won a gold Medal in the California Police Olympics. His design for the Quick Cuff Sling has drawn from all of these experiences and clearly shows in the final product.

The Quick Cuff sling is not a nylon version of an old sling, but a complete overhaul of the design. This new design allows a shooter to snap into or out of it in about 2 seconds. This fast set up time makes getting into or out of position fast and efficient. Additionally, the Quick Cuff sling can also be worn much longer, all day if necessary, than a standard 1903 leather sling because of its unique design.


The meat and potatoes of the Quick Cuff system is the armband. The armband is a Velcro adjustable nylon loop that is worn on the weak arm just above the bicep. This armband, or cuff, can be put on and left in place for as long as you need because it is independent of the rest of the sling. Additionally, if you are only going to be shooting with a specific piece of clothing like a shooting jacket, ghillie suite, or shirt, the cuff can be sewn into the material making it a permanent part of the equation. If making the cuff is an appealing idea but you know that there will be times when you will want to shoot while not wearing that same top, you can order additional cuffs.

If the cuff is the "brains" behind the innovation, then the sling is the "brawn." The sling is made from mil-spec nylon making it both strong and lightweight. There are various models and variations of the sling, but the one we were sent for testing came with quick detach swivels sewn into both ends making installation or removal a 5 second process. The sling is also designed with a nylon cord sewn to the ends of the webbing to allow for quick cinch-up adjustments. With these cords installed, a shooter can carry the sling preset and still make fast cinch-adjustments when necessary. The shooter just grabs the cord and pulls it tight.

Each of these parts, the cuff and sling, are innovative in their own right, but when you put them together, they create an unbeatable system. Before you head out in the woods or as soon as you are called out in response to a crisis, just slip your arm into the cuff and


tighten it down. As you head out, the rifle can be slung on your shoulder and carried in the traditional methods. It's when you get ready to shoot that the difference sets this combination apart. As you get into position and ready to fire, just snap the male quick connecter of the sling into the female end on the cuff and take aim. It's that fast! When you need to move to a better location or the target is no longer present, just pinch the release and presto, your unslung and on your way. There are no hooks and no holes to mess with. Just snap, or unsnap, and go!

The versatility of this sling is amazing. This sling takes the uncomfort out of sling shooting and will help increase the time spent practicing this often neglected technique. The cuff will fit everyone but those with the largest or smallest arms. The sling can be used in the traditional way, as a hasty sling, or as a cuff sling making it an all around winner. These slings are extremely well made and very durable. They are not made overseas in mass numbers, but hand built one at a time right here in the USA with top quality materials. Mike Miller and Tactical Interventions have created a sling that should be part of every shooters equipment pack, and at $50 you can afford to have one on every rifle.

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