Sniper's Paradise

Go for the X!

Written by nate   

These are some targets used for competition, practice, and training. They are now in Adobe .pdf format. Most of these are designed to be used in conjunction with Shoot-N-See targets over the shaded areas


Sniper Challenge 2003 Target Package

200 y Coldbore | 5-dot head (L) | 5-dot head (R) | Bad Santa | Face ID |

Know Your Limitations | Pinpoint | Shapes & Shooter Cards | Barricade |

SPSC 2003 Course of Fire

Sniper Challenge 2004 Target Package

2004 SPSC Target Pack (all paper targets)

SPSC 2004 Course of Fire







This came from the Mississippi Tactical Officer's Competition. This is actually one of 3 targets for this event at their comp. in the next two, the distance between the two hostages gets smaller and smaller. The idea is to know when you and your equipment have the ability and when to hold your shot.



This came from the Mississippi Tactical Officer's Competition. Here the spotter is given a place card with one face on it and he must talk the shooter onto the proper target.



This came from the Mississippi Tactical Officer's Competition. The spotter is given a smaller copy of this target with various shapes circled. he must talk the shooter onto the shapes without showing him his copy.

5-Dot Head Target


To be shoot from the prone or other "supported position. Time is 20 seconds or less for beginners, then time is decreased to 15 sec, and ultimately 10 seconds.

Stress Fire

100 y

5 rounds, a 100-yard paper target with one 5.5” shoot-n-see target. 5 minutes to engage the target with 5 rounds. Each shooter will begin completely behind their respective “start” line (about 10-15' away). Once the command to begin has been given, shooters will low crawl up to the barricade and engage the target from the designated shooting position. The shooters will tactically move back (sniper walk) to the start line and touch a designated point (start line) after each shot and before moving back to the barricade, low crawl, for the next shot. Movement will be done with an unloaded rifle. One round will be loaded at the barricade for each engagement.

Order of shots and positions:

  1. Prone supported (right side)

  2. Sitting supported

  3. Kneeling supported

  4. Standing supported

  5. Left Side prone supported

Grouping Exercise


Speed Drill


25 Meter M16 Zero Targets

25 meters

Zero Targets