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Hope 4 Heroes was founded BY OIF/OEF vets to support disabled vets and families that suffer from PTSD, Depression, TBI, loss of limbs, severe burns, career transition.

As of today 100,000's OIF/OEF vets suffer from the issues listed above, 2000 are homeless, vet unemloyment is higher then the national average and 1000's of kids need our support with scholarships.

They gave all on the battle field and now, they need us in the board rooms and living rooms across the country. You can be a Hero to a Hero!

We serve as a veterans organization that provides ongoing support in the following areas with your help.

Their Mission: Your support helps all of our programs and gives hope

  • Counseling for vets dealing with trauma and depression related issues
  • Vet 2 Vet group counseling dealing with the issues listed above
  • Career transition training and tools and small business start-up training
  • Hands on vet and private sector volunteers dedicated to career assistance
  • Transitional living skills
  • Aid for homeless OIF/OEF vets (2000 and counting are homeless)
  • Emergency Funding to families for emergency needs
  • Homes and assisted living resources for veterans in need due to severe disability and financial hardship
  • Monthly training and support network of veterans helping vets in each state (buddy system)
  • Annual workshop and veterans vacation...families and couples counseling included
  • "Connect-the-dots" program pointing vets to legitimate agencies and programs
  • 10 step program for PTSD/TBI disabled veterans entering the private sector
  • Family coaching and counseling support while heroes are deployed
  • Education grants for the children of Heroes KIA in support of OIF/OEF

The POIC for Hope 4 Heroes is:

Steven Fikes
sfikes2 [ at ]